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Resources for J6er's & Family's

1-833-SAVEDJ6 (1-833-728-3356)  support hotline open 24/7

Prisoner's Survival Guide a booklet containing messages, Bible scriptures, and resources for new J6'ers who will be detained in jail or serving a prison sentence

Mail rules for BOP
(FCI or USP or FMC)

Here are the rules for most bop
•White paper
•White envelope
•No sticker inside or outside
•Write only on one side of paper - handwritten or typed
•No card allowed but you may scan and print your card on one side of paper.
•Max 5 pages/sheets
•Return address must be handwritten or typed. 
If no return address may not be delivered.

This should work for all facilities

Expect mail to take time to be delivered between a few days to a couple of weeks.

The inmate will receive a copy of your envelop and your mail in black and white.

Some more info about prisons and jails

BOP- Bureau of Prisons
FCI - Federal Correctional Institution
FDC - Federal Detention Facility
USP - United State Penitentiary

The bureau of prison is federal.

Local county jails/city jails are not under the BOP supervision. Their mail rules will be different. 
The DC Gulag has different rules. They can receive cards there.


We understand the challenges faced by families with a loved one incarcerated. We are committed to providing support & assistance during difficult times. Our services are designed to address various aspects of needs, both inside & outside the prison system.

• Legal Aide & Resources: fair representation and a chance to fight for justice for appeals, family court matters, & civil litigation ⚖️

• Operation Love Wins: a program dedicated to making family visitation affordable & accessible 🫂

• Emergency Funding: provide help to cover essential living expenses including rent, utilities, groceries, or medical bills to alleviate some of the financial burden 💵

J6 military veterans

Are You About to Lose Your Military Retirement Benefits & Can You?
You served our country, retired, & are receiving a pension. Did you know that you can lose your military retirement benefits?


Apportionment to Your Spouse or Children
“All or part of the compensation not paid to an incarcerated Veteran may be apportioned to the Veteran’s spouse, child or children, and dependent parents on the basis of individual need.” However, a veteran’s family members must contact the nearest VA regional office for details on how to apply. In determining individual need, consideration shall be given to such factors as the claimants’ income and expenses, the amount of compensation available, the needs and living expenses of other claimants as well as any special needs, if any.”

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