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J6 Prisoner's Survival Guide

Below is a booklet containing messages, Bible scriptures, and resources for new J6'ers who will be detained in jail or serving a prison sentence. The intent of this guide is to help prepare them for their period of detainment and contains messages from J6 prisoners who are currently incarcerated. In addition, a list of links is provided for family members to be able to access information and resources. J6'ers are currently sending more details regarding prison facilities and this information will be included in Part II which will hopefully be completed by the end of July. 


This guide will expand as more messages are added and feedback is provided from J6'ers and members of the J6 community. First names are included for those J6'ers who requested their names be added; all other contributors are listed as anonymous. The J6'ers who provided messages and/or prison details to include in the guide were informed this publication would be public, posted online, and copies disseminated. This guide is intended to be helpful.

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