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Jessica Watkins

📬 Jessica Watkins
FDC Miami
Federal Detention Center
PO BOX 019120
Miami, FL 33101

Screenshot 07-25-2023 22.25.44.png
Birthday August 16th

Jessica is an Afghanistan Veteran, former firefighter/EMT, Oath Keeper. Following Jessica's arrest in January 2021, the Oath Keeper was later stripped naked and left in a cell with lights on 24 hours a day for four days of torture. see GP article. She is now being harassed and mentally tortured by correctional officers in the female maximum security jail of the DC Central Detention Facility. DC Gulag Staff Now Allegedly Using Sleep Deprivation Tactics On J6 Political Prisoner

Screenshot 07-26-2023 18.37.40.png
Phone Interview on Flip the Switch w/ Jenn
Call to the DC Vigil 4/17/23
Jessica's call to the DC Vigil 4/1/23
Jessica's first call out to the DC Vigil 2/12/23

During radio silence from OKC, please enjoy art I created while incarcerated.

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