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James Grant

Smart Communications
DC Central Detention Facility
1901 D Street, SE
Washington, DC 20001

Birthday Jul-5

The fallout from January 6th has absolutely destroyed my life. As far as jail goes, I lost my phone privileges for 90 days refusing to be cell-mate with a child sex predator and was taken to the hole for it. I get my phone back on September 14th. But if you want, I'd love to do something around then. Also, feel free to use anything I say in the website that you think looks good. I did indeed lose out on law school for the time being. I had a near full scholarship to a top 25 school of law. I worked my whole life for it. Every time I see my would-be school on TV or anything related to lawyers, I get really sad. It's crazy, you can actually feel the deep sadness directly in your heart. All of this because I pushed a fence on January 6th two and a half years ago. If you haven't seen it, it's the footage with Ray Epps whispering to my co-defendant Ryan Samsel, the short clip of the "fence" being pushed. I de-escalated an aggressive situation inside the building by calming an aggressive young man down, and also stopped people from breaking windows on the Capitol building! I really pray the judge takes that into account...but the gov't charged me with assault with a deadly weapon for pushing that "fence" (it was really a bike rack)---even though the 2 cops who were allegedly assaulted responded that no weapons were used during their FBI interview!! How is it a deadly weapon if the cops who were allegedly assaulted didn't think it was a weapon!? The deadly weapon charge makes it way more serious and doesn't allow you to participate in the First Step Act, adding years onto a possible sentence. Oh and there were about 20 other people pushing the fence at the same time as me, but only myself and 4 others were charged with this serious crime. None of the other 20 people around who engaged in the same exact conduct were charged for this incident!! Sorry for the rant. It's hard to even cover all the nonsense. Thank you for trying to spread the word to repair the image the media has painted of us. Hopefully through efforts like yours people will start to see the truth.  Thank you Debby! James Grant

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