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Barry Ramey

FCI Miami
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 779800
Miami, FL 33177

BARRY RAMEY_edited.webp
Birthday October 26th

Twitter: @Osprey_Sensei

Barry Ramey sentenced to 60 months, 36 mo probation. $2k fine. To be served in Miami

Barry Ramey was arrested on 4/21/22 on a warrant/complaint regarding January 6th by Federal Agents and falsely accused of interfering with FBI investigation.  He has moved through over 12 locations in just over a year with horrible conditions, lack of medical treatment and in some cases no availability to ordering food, suffering through mistreatment at Northern Neck Regional Jail, then moving through solitary confinement in Alexandria, on to trial and sentencing in DC. Just after sentencing he was moved to Petersburg solitary confinement where he was medically neglected, prevented from making phone calls, deprived of basic necessities and never let out of his cell. Now, he is finally at his "designated" location in Miami.

Barry Ramey 7/8/23

Barry Ramey can now speak on things he couldn't before sentencing. Now he is setting the record straight! Soon there will be an article in Gateway Pundit.

Barry Ramey 6/23/23

Barry Ramey speaks about Antifa shares information about Antifa that were at the Capital Jan 6th. New interview coming out on the Gateway Pundit (Josiah Kenyon) Gateway Pundit Interviews J6 Antifa Whistleblower Landon Copeland from Prison

Barry Ramey 6/23/23

The state of our Country - Barry's sentencing hearing is July 6th, 2023 Find the article Barry speaks about here:

Barry Ramey 6/2/23 DC Gulag

Political Prisoner Barry Ramey recently transferred back to the DC Gulag from USP Lewisburg. Barry's sentencing date has been moved forward to July 6th. Barry also discusses the rumor about Lewisburg treatment.

Barry Ramey 2/22/23

Barry has been moved to Alexandria, where all J6er's spend 22 hours in solitary confinement!

Articles about/by Barry Ramey
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